Business Concept

The basic idea with AgroManagement is to offer mainly farmers, but also companies related to farming the certifications that are relevant for the production for a fair price without lower level of quality and still with benefit for the customer.

We are working after private standards, national and international standards for all over customer’s wishes​. AgroManagement is accredited after the standard ISO 17065. This standard is for certification of products.

​Our focus is to find the standard that is actual for our customers and try to find economy for the actual standard. ​We have big focus on finding relevant companies, auditors/inspectors in different countries, because it is one of the ways to reduce the costs.

It is important for us to have a small organization, but also have focus on flexibility and responsibility.

Customer Satisfaction

Our costumers are very clear in their evaluation of our services

How have you experienced AgroManagements services?
Very good 43%
Good 52%
Ok 5%
Could be better / Bad 0%
How did you experience the audit situationen?
Very good 43%
Good 57%
Ok 0%
Could be better / Bad 0%

The Danish AgroManagement-team

We have satisfied costumers all over the world