AgroManagement did offer certification after more standards.

We have worked after more standards. But GTP Code is stopping and we found out that GLOBALG.A.P. just is a money machine, without any knowledge about farming. So, we has stopped with offering certification.

We did work in more countries. BUT the GLOBALG.A.P. organization did more times inform us about that farmers from Egypt and Turkey are criminals. GLOBALG.A.P. did make non-conformities because they had decided that the onions the auditor had audited in Egypt was spring onions. Then was the mistake that the onions were not washed. So, we had no changes to do the work in a prober way.

They did give us requirements that Danish farmers are required to follow the standard + hidden requirements.


  1. A farmer must work out a mass balance for the content in the store room for fertilizer and for the Plant protection products. – the standard requires there must be worked out a list with content or a mass balance
  2. An organic farmer must store the fertilizer in the storages for plant protection product – well knowing that the standard require that no fertilizer must be stored in the plant protection products.
  3. A farmer must calibrate the measuring instrument in the plant protection storages. In the standard is it written that the measuring instrument must be validated.
  4. When there are version changes must the new registrations be changed even earlier than the version is changed.
  5. The mass balance a company (Option 2) is required to work out for showing that he do not sell more certified products than he is buying, must also content products that the company not buy, but the farmer is selling on the farm as not certified.

I can come with a lot of more examples, that is build up og the GLOBALG.A.P. team, that have no knowledge and experience. I have send 5 complains to the management of GLOBALG.A.P. – nobody is answering.